6 Ways in how you can arrange your outdoor furniture.

6 Ways in how you can arrange your outdoor furniture.


Do you want to know how you can style and arrange your outdoor furniture?

Dreamline outdoor furniture is there to help you with these tips that you should read before styling your outdoor furniture.


Now let's get started:


1) Decide the focus of attention.

You must decide the focus of attention or the focal point of your outdoor space. Arrange the furniture in the heart of the space or at the primary gathering point.

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2) symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement.

If you arrange your furniture in a symmetrical way then it will create a formal look, on the other hand, if you place your furniture asymmetrically then it will look more fun and quirky. Choose which look you want to go for.


Dreamline Outdoor Furniture


3) How to place the furniture?

The placement of your outdoor furniture plays a very important role in how the space will look. You should place the longest piece of furniture along the longest wall, this will add to the area. Generally the longest piece will be 3 seater sofa or 2 seater sofa. You can put remaining 1 seater chair alongside the long pieces.

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4) Make it feel Homely.

Make the arrangement feel like you are at home. Bring the resort style feeling to your garden and balcony. These additional outdoor furniture piece like ottoman, side table will provide a spot to place loose items, drinks, snacks.

Dreamline Outdoor Furniture Dreamline Outdoor Furniture


5) Segments for the win!

You can create segments in the space by separating the space into smaller sections. In this way there will be multiple areas of entertainment rather than one large segment of sofa set with too much open space.

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6) Put Accessories.

To complete the look you should accessories your furniture with throw pillows, rugs, lighting etc and remember to keep it clean and tidy.

Dreamline Outdoor Furniture



You can always experiment in the arrangement of your outdoor furniture. Dreamline outdoor furniture provide you with quality outdoor furniture which you can use to create such looks. Follow these tips and re- arrange accordingly.

It's time to give your space a new look.

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