Our factory

Dreamline Outdoor Furniture Factory was established in 2010 with the sole objective of meeting the growing demands of Dreamline Outdoor Furniture Company and the need to better control the quality and outcome of our furniture. All furniture frames are made of high quality grade aluminum, which ensures the structural integrity and stability of each piece. Made entirely from T4 and T5 aluminum structure, all our furniture is practically moved around because of its light weight; lasts for a long time because of the anti-rust element that aluminum has. Finally, as a structure, it lasts longer than any other material, as it can withstand the highest and lowest temperatures.

The Synthetic fibers we use at our factory are Viro and Rehau which are skilfully woven to create our collections of luxury outdoor furniture. We constantly upgrade the skills of our employees to meet the challenges of today’s competitive business world.

Complimenting an impressive range of skills and experiences, our fully trained craftsmen, staff and consultants offer an unravelling insight into the design, manufacturing and maintenance of Rattan Furniture. In Dreamline Outdoor Furniture  Factory we believe that “quality comes first”, therefore, the basic goal of our quality controllers is to ensure that the products, services, and manufacturing processes provided, meet specific requirements. We strive to fulfil all the needs of each customer with long-term cooperative relationships.